5 Engine Maintenance Tips – Must For A Good Car Care

Engine Maintenance

The proper maintenance of a car’s engine is very essential for ensuring its smooth performance. As you know, the engine is a vital part of any vehicle and it must be in good working condition. There are many ways for the proper maintenance of a car’s engine and you must follow them. For example, you must focus on its lubrication and can buy oil pump lubrication in Boodmo at feasible prices. Furthermore, in this post, we are giving you details about the function of an engine and various tips for its maintenance in an efficient manner.

Main function of an engine 

The main role of an engine is to change the fuel into energy to run a vehicle. Although the function and design of an engine’s components differ depending on the fuel type, key purpose of the vehicle, and others. However, the four-stroke engines should perform the following functions to work in a proper way.

  • Intake – This includes drawing a mixture of air and fuel into the combustion space.
  • Compression – In this function, the mixture is compressed.
  • Power – In this function igniting of the mixture takes place and harnesses its power.
  • Exhaust – It involves expelling burned gases.
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5 important tips for the maintenance of an engine 

As a car owner, it is imperative to keep the engine in good condition to prevent any breakdowns and for the smooth performance of the car. Hence, below you will find 5 important tips for the maintenance of an engine.

1. Keep the engine cool – There are many parts in the engine that produce heat and the engine in cars come up with a cooling system. A coolant is a mix of water and essential chemicals and its concentration depends on the engine type as well as prevalent environmental conditions. It’s good to increase the concentration of a coolant when you visit areas with super low temperatures. At sub-zero temperatures, the coolant-water mix will not freeze.

2. Change the oil on a frequent basis – In the lubrication system of a car engine, engine oil is a vital part. In the market, you will find a wide range of oils available based on diverse brands and grades. But their main function is to lubricate the parts of an engine for its smooth performance. They also work well in maintaining the temperature of running parts of the engine. Also, you can look for an oil pump lubrication in boodmo.com in case you want to buy a new one. Besides, you must change the engine oil frequently to keep all the engine’s moving components in good working condition. You can also go for engine oil replacement on the basis of levels, thickness, and color.

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3. Fuel filter replacement – Diesel vehicles have two fuel filters whereas there is a single fuel filter in a gas-powered engine. The main function of a fuel filter is to trap the water particles that are present in the fuel. Many times these particles are responsible for the failure of an engine as well as a decrease in horsepower. Hence, after every one thousand miles, you must replace them.

4. Check the spark plugs – In the combustion process of an engine the spark plugs are the initial point. They produce a spark that ignites the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders. Thus, whenever you switch on the engine of your car the role of these spark plugs starts. So, it is very important to check the spark plugs before going on long drives. Also, you can check them when you face difficulties in starting your car.  You should clean the spark plugs at an interval of 20,000 km because the dirt may affect the ignition spark’s strength.

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5. Replace the air filters and clean the engine – The air filters can get blocked because of debris and dust so you must replace them every 12,000 miles. You should also check them on regular basis to avoid any problems in the future. In addition to this, for maintaining the engine’s efficiency it is also important to wash the engine. But it should be done carefully and water-sensitive parts should be protected like air tubes and electrical parts. Cleaning an engine will allow it to breathe and you can easily see the worn-out components that need to be replaced.

Final Words 

It’s always good to contact an experienced mechanic for the maintenance of your engine. Also, you must buy all the products for your vehicle or engine from a reputed brand. Like, you can purchase an oil pump lubrication in Boodmo and get it delivered to your place in a timely manner. Apart from this, hopefully, you will follow all the tips mentioned above in the post for the maintenance of your car’s engine.

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