The Best Universities in USA for Foreign Students

Best Universities

Universities in USA – education information

America’s leading universities have the highest prestige among all countries of the world. Having a diploma from a ranking university in the USA, a graduate opens up excellent prospects for employment and career development in foreign countries.

To become a student of the best universities in USA, the foreign students do not need to be afraid to take entrance exams. Admission of foreign applicants is conducted on the basis of test results, school grades, motivation letter, filling out various school registration forms.

America is universally recognized as a leader in the field of innovative education, having the status of the progenitor of diverse scientific achievements and discoveries. The American educational program is characterized by the highest level of development among all countries of the world.

Advantages of studying in the best universities in US for foreign students

  • American advanced education has a modern and innovative approach to teaching, all academic buildings have modern infrastructure equipment. Within the framework of teaching, emphasis is placed on the practical component in teaching.
  • Elite higher education in USA is characterized by a high cost, but the widespread recognition and high appreciation of American diplomas in all countries of the world compensates for these expenses.
  • Within the walls of the ranking universities of the USA, the widest choice of specialties in various cities and regions of America is offered to the attention of foreign applicants. The choice of the future prestigious university is based on the individual preferences and goals of the applicant, financial opportunities.
  • The main principle in the field of American education is equality. Foreign students have the same rights as Americans, and all applicants, regardless of nationality, have the same requirements.
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Studying process in the best universities in US

Teaching at top universities in America is based on the credit system, the American educational system is characterized by flexibility. The student is given the right to plan his own time, choose the subjects of interest to study during the semester.

For one semester, the credit includes one academic hour during the week. Each educational course includes a specific number of credits. Usually, a minimum number of hours is set, which must necessarily be devoted to the study of a particular discipline. At the same time, foreign students decide to study subjects that are not included in the list of mandatory disciplines for study, knowledge of which will be required in the effective comprehension of the future specialty.

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To get a bachelor’s degree, a foreign student will need to get 120-130 credits. As for the master’s program, the number of credits is 30-45. Within the walls of the ranking universities of the USA, international students are given an excellent opportunity to study several specializations simultaneously. High-class teachers of leading American universities focus on conducting independent, extracurricular research work by students: the international students devote a lot of time to classes in laboratories, libraries, research centers.

The best educational institutions in America offer balanced courses to foreign and local students, developed by world–renowned teachers – famous universities in the USA invite outstanding professors to students, and specialized courses are taught by practitioners: heads of large corporations, researchers, world leaders (managers).

Tuition fee in the universities in USA for foreign students

The price of higher education in American universities varies from $ 30,000 to $ 60,000 per year in the most rated. As for the colleges of the USA (community colleges), the cost starts, as a rule, from 10,000 USD per academic year without accommodation.

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Universities in USA ranking – TOP10

  • Harvard University (Boston) 
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston) 
  • Stanford University (Santa Clara) 
  • California Institute of Technology (Pasadena) 
  • Princeton University (Princeton) 
  • University of Chicago (Chicago) 
  • Yale University (New Haven) 
  • Cornell University (Ithaca) 
  • University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley) 
  • Columbia University (New York).

Enrolment requirements in TOP universities in USA

To enroll in universities in America, the foreign students will need not only a standard list of documents, but also certain language and academic knowledge.

The main list of required documents if the students plan to enrol in the famous universities of the USA, is as following:

  • A copy of the passport;
  • For bachelor’s degree – school certificate and/or completion of the Pathway program;
  • For master’s degree – bachelor’s degree +, if necessary, completion of the pre-Masters program;
  • TOEFL certificate;
  • SAT exams (depending on the American university);
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers of English and mathematics, sometimes you can also provide from the school principal, dean;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Skype interview or personal visit to an educational institution;
  • Additional documents on an individual basis to increase the chances of a positive decision of the admissions committee.
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